International journal of fatigue pdf

International journal of fatigue pdf
M.D. Sangid/International Journal of Fatigue 57 (2013) 58–72 59. dislocation density within this slip band and the dislocation to dis-location interactions, the slip band exhibits work hardening result-ing in the formation of either a ladder structure or a parallel slip band in the material, (x) vacancies diffuse within the material resulting in the formation of ledges, intrusions, and
Multiaxial fatigue Crack growth Critical plane EIFS abstract A general methodology is proposed in this paper for fatigue-life prediction using crack growth analysis. This is the part II of the paper and focuses on the fatigue-life prediction under proportional and nonpro-portional multiaxial loading. The proposed multiaxial fatigue-life prediction is based on a critical plane-based multiaxial
On the effect of deep-rolling and laser-peening on the stress-controlled low- and high-cycle fatigue behavior of Ti–6Al–4V at elevated temperatures

Microplane damage model for fatigue of quasibrittle materials: Sub-critical crack growth, lifetime and residual strength Kedar Kiranea, Zdene ˇk P. Bazantb,⇑
From NASGRO to fractals: Representing crack growth in metals R. Jonesa, F. Chena, S. Pitta, M. Paggib,⇑, A. Carpinteric a Centre of Expertise in Structural
The International Journal of Fracture is an outlet for original analytical, numerical and experimental contributions which provide improved understanding of the mechanisms of micro and macro fracture in all materials, and their engineering implications. The journal presents papers from engineers and
While the fatigue crack propagates point ‘B’ moves into the re-gion of lower stresses as shown in Fig. 3. On the other side, stresses for point ‘A’ stay the same since they are uniformly distributed
Evolution of the texture and microstructure in a nickel based superalloy during thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF), using a modified integrated model and experimental results
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International Journal of Fatigue

International Journal of Fatigue Iran University of

Nonuniqueness of the fatigue threshold S. Alkan, H. Sehitoglu⇑ Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1206 W. Green Street, Urbana, IL 61801, USA
The fatigue experiments were performed at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory under load ratios of 0.1 and 0.6, at a frequency of 1 Hz, using a sinusoidal
The fundamental theories for predicting the limiting number of cycles to fatigue under a certain probability were developed by Weibull [1,2], Bakharev [3], Lundberg and Palmgren [4] and others.
commonly used back-extrapolation method. In this paper, we cal-culate the EIFS by matching the infinite fatigue life obtained from Eq. (5) with the experimental data from S–N tests, i.e.
I. De Baere et al./International Journal of Fatigue 32 (2010) 197–207 199 problem, since the value of the increase due to fatigue damage may be of the same order as the increase measured above.

Fatigue of 7075-T651 aluminum alloy under constant and variable amplitude loadings E.U. Leea,*, G. Glinkab, A.K. Vasudevanc, N. Iyyerd, N.D. Phana
C. Schweizer et al./International Journal of Fatigue 33 (2011) 194–202 195. The function G is defined as G ¼ 1 DCTOD th DCTOD p=2 ¼ 1 DK th;eff DK eff p; ð7Þ for DK eff P DK th,eff and is
/International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering 7(2013) 912-923 Fatigue Analysis There are three methodologies used for fatigue analysis. 2007). The absolute maximum principal strain method is used to combine the component strains [Eq. the strain life analysis method is used to estimate fatigue damage. ( ) ( ) (1) where. 2008b). the damage values for all cycles are summed until
Rugby league is a contact team sport performed at an average intensity similar to that of other team sports (~70–80% VO 2max), made up of unsystematic movements of …
A shakedown analysis of high cycle fatigue of shape memory alloys F. Auricchioa, A. Constantinescub, C. Mennac, G. Scaleta,b,⇑ a Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile ed Architettura, Università di Pavia, Via Ferrata 3, 27100 Pavia, Italy
232 M.W. Priddy et al./International Journal of Fatigue 104 (2017) 231–242 response, the fourth-order localization tensor AðxÞ relates the elas- tic strain at a location in the microstructure, x, to the average
Elastic–plastic fatigue crack growth analysis under variable amplitude loading spectra S. Mikheevskiy*, G. Glinka University of Waterloo, Department of Mechanical …
H. Wu et al./International Journal of Fatigue 91 (2016) 304–312 305. This definition of the 2D elastic strain simplifies Hooke’s law to a much more convenient scalar relation: ~e el ð1 þmÞ e xel c xy el 2 ffiffiffi 3 hip T ¼ r x E=ð1þmÞ s xy 2G ffiffiffi 3 hip T ¼ ~ s 2G) ~e el ¼ ~ 2G ð3Þ where E is Young’s modulus and G E/(2 + 2mÞ is the shear modu-lus. The 2D plastic
available about the consequences of such a gap on the mechanical propertiesof the welded joint,andinparticularits fatigue strength. The aim of the present study is to investigate the effect of JLR,
Fatigue damage of closed-cell aluminum alloy foam: Modeling and mechanisms Modi Zhao, Xueling Fan, T.J. Wang⇑ State Key Laboratory for Strength and Vibration of Mechanical Structures, Department of Engineering Mechanics, School of Aerospace Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University,

Fatigue Life assessment of crankshaft under Bending and Torsional Loading Seema S. Shinde 1, C. S. Pathak 2 and Manoj Ukhande3 1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sinhgad College of Engineering Vadgaon (Bk), Pune –
Fatigue affects a person’s health, reduces performance and is a subjective feeling of low vitality that disrupts daily functioning; with lifetime prevalence in the community of roughly 20% (Addington et al. 2001). Fatigue should prompt evaluation for possible anemia, nutritional deficits, sleep disturbance, International Journal of Caring Sciences 2012 September- December Vol 5 Issue 3 www
Influence of microstructure on tensile properties and fatigue crack growth in extruded magnesium alloy AM60 Rongchang Zenga,b,*, Enhou Hanb, Wei Keb, Wolfgang Dietzelc, Karl …
Most structures contain multiple fatigue sensitive details. A number of authors have considered multiple details in probabilis-tic crack growth models accounting for inspection results.
2 J. Wannenburg et al./International Journal of Fatigue xxx (2009) xxx–xxx ARTICLE IN PRESS Please cite this article in press as: Wannenburg J et al. Application of a fatigue equivalent static load methodology for the numerical durability assessment
A critical discussion on influence of loading frequency on fatigue crack propagation behavior for extruded Mg–Al–Zn alloys Rongchang Zenga,b,⇑, Enhou Hanb, Wei Keb

International Journal of Fatigue Semantic Scholar

Effect of pre-exposure on crack initiation life of a directionally solidified Ni-base superalloy Ali P. Gordona,*, Richard W. Neub,c, David L. McDowellb,c
range. In doing so, analytical correlations between the fatigue properties of engineering materials are determined and compared with the empirical trends proposed by Fleck et al. [29], giving a ra-
procedure relating to the fatigue assessment methods has been performed. The results for each individual detail using these meth-ods are then presented and discussed.
and materials pdf – Fatigue life. The American Society for Testing and Materials defines fatigue life, N f, as the number of stress cycles of a specified character that a specimen sustains before failure of a specified nature occurs. For some materials, notably steel and titanium, there is a theoretical value for stress amplitude below which the material will not fail for any number of cycles
Fatigue of the bone/cement interface and loosening of total joint replacements D.T. Yanga, D. Zhangb, Dwayne D. Arolaa,* a Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250, USA
from CPFEM simulations. A combination of CPFE simulations and ultrasonic testing of dwell fatigue Ti-6242 samples has been used in [3] for calibrating and validating the nucleation model.
Correlation of fretting fatigue experimental results using an asymptotic approach D.A. Hillsa, A. Thaitirarota, J.R. Barberb, D. Dinic,⇑ a Department of Engineering

International Journal of Fatigue University of Michigan

Monitoring quasi-static and cyclic fatigue damage in fibre-reinforced plastics by Poisson’s ratio evolution W. Van Paepegem*, I. De Baere, E. Lamkanfi, J. Degrieck
3D simulation of short fatigue crack propagation by finite element crystal plasticity and remeshing H. Proudhona,⇑,J.Lia, F. Wanga, A. Roosb, V. Chiaruttinib, S
Cyclic behavior and modeling of small fatigue cracks of a polycarbonate polymer J.M. Hughesa,⇑, M. Lugob, J.L. Bouvarda,c, T. McIntyrea, M.F. Horstemeyera,d
exposuretimeandtemperature.Itisfoundthatthemodulussignif-icantly increased when the specimens were exposed at high tem-perature for long time.
The effect of load ratio on fatigue life and crack propagation behavior of an extruded magnesium alloy S. Ishiharaa,*, A.J. McEvilyb, M. Satoa, K. Taniguchia, T. Goshimaa
International Journal of Fatigue also publishes book reviews, conference reports and a calendar of forthcoming events; contributions of this type should be sent to …
3.1. Fracture energy Classical fracture mechanics defines the fracture energy of a material as the energy that has to be dissipated to open a fracture
It is evident that despite efforts directed at mitigating the risk of fatigue through the adoption of hours of work and rest regulations and development of codes and guidelines, fatigue still remains a concern in shipping. Lack of fatigue management has been identified as a contributory factor in a

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International Journal of Fatigue Illinois

Fatigue crack growth analysis using 2-D weight function A. Jankowiaka, H. Jakubczaka,*, G. Glinkab a Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Construction Machinery Engineering, Narbutta …
temperatures and strain rates, and exposed the importance of the sec-ondary transition to account for the flow stress increases. Cady et al. [12] studied the mechanical response of PEEK and
A new approach to estimating the fatigue notch factor of Ti-6Al-4V components Gbadebo Owolabi⇑, Oluwamayowa Okeyoyin, Adewale Olasumboye, Horace Whitworth
curves. The curves still exhibit a continuously decreasing trend beyond 10 7cycles. At 10 cycles, the fatigue strength of the 7050 aluminum alloy is approximately 230 MPa, consistent with the
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levels [9]. Unfortunately, the distribution function of fatigue life hardly can be derived on the basis of physical arguments. In a rea-son, the validation of the two above distribution functions requires
Although the LSP technique offers significant potential to im-prove the fatigue resistance of engineering components, instances have been reported [5] where a subsequent fatigue benefit has not
focal point of this paper. As a result of this study it would appear that this process has the potential to be a viable alternative to the use of externally bonded composite repairs [11,12] for extend-
Observations of the effect of varying Hoop stress on fatigue failure and the formation of white etching areas in hydrogen infused 100Cr6 steel rings.
Micromechanical modeling for the probabilistic failure prediction of stents in high-cycle fatigue R. Guerchaisa,⇑, G. Scaleta, A. Constantinescua, F. Auricchiob

9_Kamal et al.pdf Deformation (Engineering) Fatigue

International Journal of Fatigue Elsevier

Carbohydrates are important substrates for contracting muscle during prolonged, strenuous exercise, and fatigue is often associated with muscle glycogen depletion and/or hypoglycaemia. Thus, the goals of carbohydrate nutritional strategies before, during and after exercise are to optimise the
Read “ESIS Awards, International Journal of Fatigue” on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.
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Studyof ratcheting has been one of the attractive research fields in the last three decades. Extensive studies have revealed that the cyclic deformation characteristic of materials subjected to uniaxial
methodology was found to be inappropriate for use in the fatigue design of aluminum foams. McCullough et al. [30] observed that ratcheting in closed cell Alulight foam is the dominant cyclic defor-
may consider eddy current treatment as a novel and effective method for crack healing. Healing of Fatigue Crack in 1045 Steel has also been investigated by Using Eddy Current Treatment [12].
Creep-fatigue life prediction and interaction diagram in nickel-based GH4169 superalloy at 650 C based on cycle-by-cycle concept Run-Zi Wanga, Xian-Cheng …

International Journal of Fatigue

accelerated crack propagation. Allen et al. [20] found fretting reduced the plain fatigue limit of nitrided 3CR12 and AISI 316 steel by a maximum of 37.5%.
Each fatigue specimen contained three angled holes at 30 degrees to the surface on a centre line, with a diameter of 0.75 mm, and a depth of 4.0 mm, as shown in Fig. 1.
428 S. Li, A. Kahraman/International Journal of Fatigue 33 (2011) 427–436 excluded by using the after run-in surface roughness profiles and assuming that the profiles remain the same after the run-in takes

Size effect in Paris law and fatigue lifetimes for quasibrittle materials: Modified theory, experiments and micro-modeling Kedar Kirane, Zdeneˇk P. Bazˇant⇑
Fatigue of devices and structures at small scales, including effects of process route and surfaces/interfaces Combined and coupled behaviours that affect thermo-chemical-mechanical degradation processes under cyclic loading conditions are also included in the scope of the journal.
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The 455 C tensile and fatigue behavior of boron-modified Ti–6Al–2Sn–4Zr–2Mo–0.1Si(wt.%) W. Chen*, C.J. Boehlert Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA

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